Feedburner Error Message: The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled


If you received an Feedburner error message above, that means you do not enable the subscription by email. To solve this problem go to the feed feedburner settings and enable the email subscription service at the bottom of the tab page.


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  1. I am also seeing this error using WordPress 3.2. I’ve activated the email subscription service in my FeedBurner account AND tried the Ping FeedBurner service to make sure I’m using the updated feed. It still doesn’t work. What else can you suggest?

    1. I’m having the same problem. I’ve activated the email subscription in Feedburner as seen above and I’m still recieving the error message. I even gave it 24 hours. Is there something else I’m to do?

  2. I’m having the same problem. It used to work, but now it doesn’t. I replaced the RSS code and it is working, but the
    email link says subscriptions not enabled. I have activated, deactivated and activated again, but it still won’t work.

  3. I followed the steps to set up the feedburner email subscription. It is active and I have 13 subscribers.

    Today I published a new posting but I did not receive an email notification.

    Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions?

  4. I also have the email subscription activated within my Feedburner account. The plugin continues to tell me that it is not activated. I am not sure what else to do. I would very much like people to be able to subscribe and get email updates for our site. Any clues as to what is happening?

  5. Dear Zourbuth

    Please forgive but I am getting the ‘feedburner’ activation error messgae but cannot loacte your plug-in settings anywhere within the wp-admin settings – I have been through the entire list so bit confused – where exactly is the feed feedburner settings you describe.

    thanks and please forgive my stupidity – I am sure I have missed something very obvious here

    best wishes


  6. I activated the email subscription service in my FeedBurner account (under “Publicize”). It still says “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled” when I try to type an email address into the widget you’ve provided. Am I missing a step somewhere?

    1. After you enable the Subscription by email in feedburner.com setting, put your feed title name in the widget box.
      But, you have to be sure that your email subscription is connected from your site and feedburner.
      If you would like me to solve your problem, please drop me email zourbuth[ed]gmail.com

    2. I am a neophite when it comes to this. I have been working on this for DAYS and hoping that I will just come up with the right solution. Are you still helping people with this? Thanks

    3. I ran into the same problem with the “Feedburner Email Subscription Widget” for WordPress. Under widgets in the WordPress Dashboard, the Feedburner widget asks for your Feedburner URL…so I was obviously putting in the “feed.feedburner/YourFeedburnerUserName”. Don’t enter the URL, but rather just your Feedburner User Name by itself. That should fix it. 🙂 Mine works fine now.

    4. Hi,
      Same mistake was here, Searched many times on net, but not able to solve.
      Hat’s off to you, It is solved now!

    5. Me as well. Tried so many combinations until all I put in was my FeedBurner name. Worked perfectly. Yay!

  7. Pingback: URL
    1. thank you Mick, this is exactly the part that wasn’t clear enough to get the email subscription running. zourbuth, for your own good, you should explain this better in your post! cheers.

    2. Mick, this is exactly the issue I had… not very well described until I read your post. Thank you zourbuth for a great tool…

    3. Yeah I think Mick meant ‘suffix’ which is an affix that follows or goes after, not prefix which goes before, but hey small potatoes right? LOL I found that Feedburner has fields for “Feed Title, Original Feed, and then Feed Address”, I had placed my feed title in the widget and that did not work. Then I noticed the suffix at the end of the Feed address and realized that this is the feed’s actual information that the widget wants not Your Feed Title, which is also a name of feed. HUh?? that was a whirl-wind of confusion. The widget wants your “Feed Address Suffix” Looks like this: http://feeds.feedburner.com/jonpfox/lMqf and here is the suffix of that address: jonpfox/lMqf The widget calls that you feed name. Hope it helps

    1. Just putting my FeedBurner ID in the widget box, not the full URL did it for me! Woo hoo! Thanks!

  8. So the issue for me was that I was entering the entire URL kind of like the instructions asked for “http://feeds.feedburner.com/MotoringDown” and what it wanted was just “MotoringDown”. After i removed the URL and JUST put MotoringDown it worked. Someone mind subscribing to test it out? http://www.motoringdown.com

    Thanks All, hope this helped.

  9. I have installed the feedburner to my plugins, and copy paste the subscription form code to my widget sitebar. It worked. I could find the feedburner widget in my homepage and enter my email. But, i never received any update of my blog in my mailbox. All of my friends who subscribe me have the same problem. They have enter their email, but they also never received the update. What is the solution for this problem? Thank you.

  10. Thank you for the instructions. I think I followed them correctly: activated email subscriptions at feedburner, and copied and pasted the code they provided into a text wordpress widget in my sidebar. The subscription box appears on the site but nothing happens when I tried to subscribe with a valid email.

    The other thing I tried was to add a WordPress “Follow Me” widget and enter the feedburner feed name. Before I activated feedburner email, I got that error message. After I activated feedburner email, I got the same as above: no action or response at all.

    Any ideas? I clearly don’t know what I’m doing…

    thank you!!

  11. Hi,

    I have read through all of your advice and still can’t get my subscription button to work. When I enter an email I get the primary introduction from the site saying “thank you for subscribing”, but then it doesn’t send out an email once I write new blogs :-(. Is there any way you can help me on this please? My website is http://www.eviesurf.co.uk

    Thank you

    1. “but then it doesn’t send out an email once I write new blogs”
      You should wait for feedburner.com send the newsletter to your email.
      In my experiences, it took a day for me to receive the email.

  12. I installed Jetpack on my site. My client doesn’t have Feedburner and didn’t want to use it. I did a test by entering my email address to Get Updates on one of our current blog post. I click the submit button and got a msg, “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled.” How can I remove this error msg and make sure it’s working? Fyi, I know nothing about coding. Please help. Thank you.

  13. I am have the same issue. I have followed the directions and still can’t seem to get this to work please see my screenshot and let me know what I am doing wrong:

    Title (Optional)

    Arbitrary text or HTML (Optional)

    Icon URL

    Button text

    Field text

    Feed URL name

    Display credits
    FBF ▪ Powered by ®Google Feedburner

    Display counter

    Counter style:

    Background Color

    Counter text color

    Counter text

    Counter preview

    Delete | Close

  14. Hi,

    I am using the multicolor subscribe widget on my wordpress.org site. I get the same feedburner message everyone else is getting but it still doesn’t work. I tried entering the id with the “u” that shows up and then I just tried the numbers. No matter what I do it just doesn’t work. Please help.

  15. Re: This feed does not have subscription by email enabled” I found I had to just make sure that ‘Your Feedburner Title’ was typed exactly as it appeared in the sample codes they provided for installing on websites (which in WordPress using the ‘Feedburner Email Subscription’ widget you dont need to put anywhere). I hope this makes sense eg my RSS google feed says Tile Today blog but the coding samples have tiletoday-blog. As soon as I adjusted that little bit of text in my ‘Your Feedburner Title’ box in the widget area everything started working.

  16. One frequent perceived technical problem with FeedBurner is the reduced number of subscribers being reported for the blogs using the service. This is not actually a technical problem with FeedBurner, but by the feed readers and aggregators that report to FeedBurner, as FeedBurner collects and tallies from those partners. Usually this problem is connected with one specific RSS reader or client. :”


  17. i have the same issues, but i have read that it’s maybe happening cause we are testing it with a browser which we have logged in feed-burner with, so i logged out and checked my site,


  18. hi there,
    I have the same issue with showing “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled” and while I am trying what to figure out what I did wrong, all my pages are gone.

    1. Thanks a lot, finally I got it, I only need to type in the feedname, not the whole address. This is one of the epiphany moments~Thanks a lot again.

  19. Hi, hoping you can help me – I have read through this feed and followed all the steps suggested. I am using the wp multicolor subscribe widget. Have entered the whole feed address, as well as just my feed id {livelovesew} and am still getting an error message that email is not activated. I have activated, deactivated and re-activated this in feedburner so many times I’m getting so frustrated! Can you please help me with this?!

    Feed Title: live.love.sew
    Original Feed: http://livelovesew.com.au/feed/
    Feed Address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ livelovesew

    my website is livelovesew.com.au

    Please let me know what I am doing wrong and how I fix this!?


    1. Thanks finally I got this done after many days of trying to use the long address instead of just the feed name. Thank you for showing this key point. Would love to connect with thers

    2. Hi Zourbuth, I am a novice at this so please describe where the plug in feed title space is. I use bogger for my blog which is ccenigeria.blogspot.com.

      original feed is https://ccenigeria.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

      feed address is http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheCceBlog

      and the code i pasted in the html is https://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=TheCceBlog&loc=en_US

      Is this where i am supposed to just post my blog’s name only? If it is, i tried that and i still get the error message that email subscription has not been enabled.

  20. Hi Zourbuth,
    I solved the problem in a different way. The Feedburner email form in WP theme didn’t work well and I replaced that widget with text widget. I copied the code in the text widget and everything work now. Thanks!

  21. I was thinking the error was due to the fact that i just signed up for feedburner and that it would take time to activate. But by googling it i got to your website and solved the issue. Thanks man.

    1. Please make sure you already set your site feed to Feedburner.com.
      And make the feedburner title/link as simple as possible
      and use that title in the widget.

  22. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who shared on this post. I was struggling to get my email subscription going for days and this forum helped so much. Thank you again@

  23. Have been dancing the subscriber button dance for weeks, found feedburner, tried several different plugins, yes all are activated, publicized, etc. Had a semi-pro look at it today and they were mystified. I think something is very wrong. Help. WordPress people have stopped answering me back.
    Actually got it to work briefly, then did something to make it stop, don’t know what. Have recreated everything I remember. All I get is “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”. Please please help. Thank you so much for your time.
    Laura S. Sitges

  24. I got this message, “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled” even though i successfully updated my Email Subscriptions service settings.

  25. Thanks for contributing this very cool plugin. I love the simplicity of cleanliness of design.

    One question though: When we Subscription done. then we Got the mail on Email_ID, And In that mail It also have the ” feedburner.google.com ” . So Sir I Want that Can I Use Our Customized Mail_address.

  26. Hi, I keep getting this error too. The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabledI have checked the url is correct and followed all instructions.

    Can you please help.


  27. I tried to Activate RSS Feedburner for my website but it is showing an error “FeedBurner encountered an error adding your feed to feedburner.” can you please help how I can remove this error and activate email subscriptions.

  28. I activated feedburner email subscriptions, but my site says it is not enabled. Also, feedburner says to copy and paste the code to the web page. I am using the widget in my sidebar. Where do you paste the code?
    I also copied and pasted the feed address. Thanks for the help.

    1. All right, now the problem is that I have the text widget with the html in it in the sidebar, but I had to drag out the feedburner widget because it was causing the email subscription to be in there twice, one weird looking – attached to the feedburner – and one correct attached to the text widget.

      How do I get the feedburner widget to work without 2 extra blank boxes to subscribe.

    2. In other words the text widget with the code is put into my sidebar, which then gives me the “enter your email and subscribe” buttons.
      But, if I leave the feedburner widget in, that gives me 2 empty boxes which are also fillable and clickable, but go nowhere on my sidebar.
      So I have 2 sets of subscribe – the text widget says enabled and the feedburner widget that says not enabled.
      I have a screen shot but I do not know how to attach here. Please contact me through email so I can provide this to you.

  29. Also, if I don’t need to put in the text widget and the feedburner widget should be all I need, I cannot seem to get that to activate. I have copied and pasted the feed address into the widget, but it says not enabled. When I go to feedburner it says active.

    1. I understand that and I have put just the last word after the last /. However, when someone tries to subscribe it says feed not enabled. That is the problem. When I go on feedburner – it says it is active. What to do?

  30. How can you put in the wrong feedburner feed url – I copied and pasted it multiple times since it didn’t work – it’s a simple paste into the box. It will not work. I have tried and I had someone else try it – we cannot get it to work.

  31. Yes, I did not put the whole url since I had read everything and the problems that people had. After it didn’t work, I tried the whole url – I tried just the ending – everything. Cannot get it to work.

  32. I am trying to use feedburner as well and am receiving the same error message that the email has not been activated when in fact it is.

    I am using a pre-made template with the feedburner widget already installed (added) all the instructions said to do was insert my feed burner id into the highlighted areas. Which I have done and it still is not working. Here is the code in my template:

    Subscribe Here!
    Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter.

    There were two spots to add my ID line 6 and line 8. Any help is appreciated I am beyond frustrated.

  33. Hello

    Use your feedburner plugin for subscriptions.

    When someone tries they get the following message: “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”

    Have tried what you advice above but it doesn’t work.

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