How to Use Feedburner Email Subscription

Feedburner is a free, Google-owned service that provides great feed statistics and services to bloggers and other feed publishers.

Here’s how to use Feedburner email subscription:

  1. Sign up — First of all, you’ll need to sign up for a Feedburner feed if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to and login
  3. Click “My Feeds” in the upper-left-hand corner
  4. Select your feed from the list
  5. Click the “Publicize” tab
  6. Click “Email Subscriptions” on the left
  7. Make sure “Feedburner” is selected, and click “Activate”
  8. Copy the HTML code in the box
  9. Login to your WordPress blog’s administration area
  10. Go to the “Appearance” section (a.k.a. “Design,” “Presentation,” or “Themes” in versions prior to 2.7)
  11. If you’re using Widgets in your sidebar, click the “Widgets” sub-tab. Add a “Text” widget to the sidebar you want, and paste the HTML code in the configuration section. Save your changes, and that’s it!
  12. If you’re not using widgets, you’ll need to have basic knowledge of HTML. First click the “Editor” or “Theme Editor” subpanel, and select “Sidebar” from the list. Usually sidebar modules go between <li></li> tags; some other themes use <div>. Paste the code in your sidebar between the appropriate set of tags in the location you want, click Save, and you’re done!

72 comments on “How to Use Feedburner Email Subscription

  1. I have the Feedburner widget working for subscriptions; however, I am not sure how to view my subscriber list. Can you direct me where to view who has subscribed to my Blog? Thanks.

  2. The Feedburner widget is installed and seems to be working well. However, I don’t know how to view my subscriber list.

    Can you tell me how to view the list of people subscribed to my blog?


  3. Hi,

    Once the feedburner subscription widget is set and once the user subscribes, does admin also receives email on his/her email id that a user has subscribed over and above saving the subscription list on feedburner?

  4. Hi,
    I installed the Feedburner Email Subscription widget and it seems to be working for the most part, except that my friend who has an address never received the confirmation email or any of my posts. He checked his Spam inbox and it wasn’t there either. We actually tried signing him up twice but it doesn’t work. How do I fix this?

  5. Hi! I’m trying to set up my email subscription but it keeps saying “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”. How do I fix this? Please help because my launch date is Friday. Any suggestions?

  6. Question – I see that the plugin uses a style named .columns-2, which is also a style used by wordpress admin. I’m working with a site that uses this plugin and their wordpress post edit screen is half width because the plugin style is taking precidence over the wp-admin styles.

    Would it be possible to change the style class names OR at least ensure that the plugin stylesheet is not loaded for is_admin()?

  7. I installed feedburner so readers can get an email whenI make a new post to the site. Is there a settingto change what is sent to the subscriber? I want to drive traffice to the site and not actually send the entire post via email becaus then they can read the update with out visiting site?

  8. This is probably a dump question, but here goes. I have a self-hosted WordPress blog. I am currently running a Subscribe2 widget for subscribers to follow my posts. Can I still install Feedburner alongside Subscribe2, so that people can opt to only receive my email newsletter (through Feedburner), and also have the option to follow my posts as well (through Subscribe2)? Also, do I have to set up another blog separate from my existing blog on WordPress, or do I just create a new page and name it Newsletter, and use that page to burn my feed? Help! I’m totally clueless here. The person who created my blog isn’t familiar with WordPress and I have to install all this stuff on my own.
    Right now I have the Subscribe2 widget saying “Subscribe to Niecey’s Newsletter” and just x’d out all the categories except the one labeled Book Releases and Updates, that way they don’t receive every other post. However, I’d like the option to use Subscribe2 for “Subscribe to Niecey’s Posts” and Feedburner to “Subscribe to Niecey’s Email Newsletter.”
    Here’s my website in case you need to take a peek:
    Coming soon – Fender Bender Blues, a romantic comedy
    Published by Wild Rose Press!/NieceyRoy

  9. Hi,

    Your plugin works marvelously.

    I have a couple of questions:

    -How can I have the text that appears in the popup appear in Spanish?
    -Google Analytics: I would like to set an email subscription as a goal in Analytics. Given that when you hit enter the popup that appears has an external URL, how can I set this up?



  10. Hi,

    I am using this plugin for Email Subscriptions on my blog page. Email Subscriptions are working all fine. I want that whenever new post is published on blog, subscriber would receive the post. Could you please help me to properly configure this, as my subscribers are not receiving posts when they are publishing on blog.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Harwinder Singh

  11. I have your Feedburner Email Subscription installed on my self-hosted WP blog. The feed ( is registered with feedburner and the Email Subscriptions option is activated. If I type in the feedburner url directly (, I get the option to add an rss feed (as expected) so feedburner seems to be working. How can I get your widget to work?

  12. BTW, when I click on the “subscribe” button in the widget, it pops a window that says: “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled.” This Is definitely not true. I can send you an image of the “manage your feed” window on feedburner that says this is definitely not true.

  13. I have installed WooThemes Placeholder page which has the ability to collect email addresses on a client’s domain. One of the suggestions is to use Feedburner. I have installed Feedburner Email Subscription. In setting up Google Feedburner you say to click on ‘My Feeds’. This is not clickable, which I assume means there are no feeds recorded. What do I do please?

    1. I get to #7 (Make sure “Feedburner” is selected, and click “Activate”) again and I don’t see either of these. What do you think I am doing wrong?

    2. The article has not been updated as you said you would. I need help please to sort this out.

  14. I have the widget on my site and the email subscriptions are working (i.e. I have people I know who say they are subscribed and getting emails when new posts are added), but my account says I have 0 subscribers. I know several people who say they are subscribed. Do you know why my account says 0 subscribers?

  15. Hi, I set up a Feedburner account (self-hosted blog running WordPress 3.9.1) and installed your plugin. I published new content this morning and added myself as a subscriber using a secondary email address, but so far have not received a notification. I can see my subscribers in Feedburner but I can’t tell whether they are actually getting notifications. I am wondering if you can tell me how I can find this out.

    BTW I did not copy and paste the html code to create a widget because it seems your plugin does this for me. Am I correct?

    1. Yes, that’s correct.
      Please make sure the RSS link you provided to the Feedburner have different content from the previous.
      Feedburner only send email to your subscribers if they are different.

  16. I have the Feedburner widget working for subscriptions; however, I am not sure how to view my subscriber list. Can you direct me where to view who has subscribed to my Blog?
    Please help me 🙂

  17. I am confused regarding the installation. I downloaded feedburner, it showed up under my widgets, and I now have a functioning email subscription thingy on my blog. Nice! Thanks! But what am I supposed to to with the HTML code under my dashboard/my feed at

  18. Hi, I’m trying to sort out my feed burner widgets. My web design company set up a newsletter sign up widget in the footer that I am having trouble making work. I had to re set up logins to feed burner and cant seem to get the widget working with it. I put my feed burner ID in the widget in my CMS, but it doesn’t work. I can put the subscriber links in the home page or add a different widget but it doesn’t look as good. Do I need to change any thing in mywidgets.php?


  19. The setting to schedule delivery of new posts to email subscribers does not allow for immediate delivery, but asks you to choose a two hour window. Is there any way to have this delivered as soon as it’s posted?
    Thank you.

  20. I’m using the Feedburner email subscription plugin (1.3.2) with WordPress (3.9.1) and would like to schedule the posts to be delivered immediately on publication. The setup asks to select a 2 hour window. Is there a way to bypass this and deliver immediately?

  21. I have set up feedburner and it appears to be set up correctly. However, after someone has registered and activated their email, it does not appear they are getting a notice when something new is published on the website. Is there something more I need to do?

    Thank you!

  22. I show two email subscription fields when I activated my widget. I removed the plugin and the subscription field disappeared. I’m stuck! Please help. Thanks.

  23. Hi
    How can I change my settings so that my subscribers receive the entire content of the post in their subscriber email, rather than just a couple of lines followed by a link to my blog? I would like to have the option of both- readers can either click the link to go to my blog or they can read a text version of my post in their email.

  24. Feedburner is sending the emails and everything fine, but it is not letting me in to see my feeds. It says I need to “claim them” but when I try logging in to move them to Google, it won’t take my email . . .

  25. Hi, I followed all the steps that you have given and created a text widget in my sidebar and pasted the text generated in feedburner. Now when I post something in my website the subscribed email did not get any email. Should I have install the feedburner plugin as well separately in my wordpress apart from the text widget? How feedburner is intimated when ever there is a new post in my site? can you please clarify?

  26. I have 2 questions: first, I just had an email go out to subscribers from a post that was marked private and in draft form. What are the conditions under which a WP post will go out? Second, the font in the email is very small – does the widget just pick up the text attributes directly from the post in WP?


  27. Can someone help me view my subscribers? There is no feedburner panel in my WordPress blog. I have a subscriber who says he has opted out a dozen times but still receives the email. We don’t want to keep sending to him, of course. Any help is appreciated!

  28. This question was previously asked, however, I never found an answer to it. I use feedburner to notify subscribers of new posts on my blog. The problem is, it sends them the entire blog post. I am trying to drive traffic to my blog and would prefer that subscribers are not able to read the full blog post through their email. Is there a way to shorten the amount of the post that is sent to the subscriber?

  29. I have Some Problie With my feedburner not working
    iam adding my site link but he say me

    The URL does not appear to reference a valid XML file. We encountered the following problem: Error on line 35: The element type “link” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.

    what can i do now what is this error i don’t understan what he mean.?

  30. I have some problems gathering the email list.
    When I go to subscribers I only find the two accounts I register my self but in the stats says there are thousands of views and hundreds of clicks.

    In my Analytic report shows a lot of traffic coming from the feeds meaning people is receiving the content throughout this way.

    Am I doing something wrong? There is a way how to figure it out how this people are coming direct from the feeds? If so, I am right guessing it should be their email address registered in the feeds?

    I am currently having a decent amount of traffic and it is time to start working with the people using feeds, please help

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