Creating Twitter Application OAuth And Access Token For Your WordPress Plugins And Themes


The default rate limit for calls to the REST API varies depending on the authorization method being used and whether the method itself requires authentication. Most of WordPress plugins or themes fail to request the twitter feed while using the un-authenticated call that hit the limit 150 requests per hour. In Twitter API v1.0, developers can get access to certain API endpoints without requiring their applications to authenticate, enabling them to access the public information from the Twitter API without us knowing who they are.

Why Creating Twitter Application?

In version 1.1, Twitter will require every request to the API to be authenticated. For developers who are already using OAuth when making API requests, all of your authentication tokens will transition seamlessly from v1.0 to v1.1. If the application is currently using the Twitter API without using OAuth, then developer will need to update the application before March 2013. Twitter will provide per-endpoint rate limiting on the API. While an application that only accesses one endpoint may be more restricted, applications that use multiple endpoints will run into rate limiting issues less frequently.


Step for Creating Your Twitter Application

In this article we will create a Twitter API key for making the OAuth calls. OAuth calls are permitted 350 requests per hour and are measured against the oauth_token used in the request.

  1. Go to Create an application page with your twitter login if have not been logged in.
  2. Fill in the Application details form:
    • Name, your application name.
    • Description, your application description,
    • Website, your homepage URL
    • Callback URL, the return URL after successfully authenticating, this could be your homepage URL.
  3. Accept the developer rles of the road
  4. Solve the captcha question
  5. Click the create your twitter application button
  6. Done! You will be an application information to access the Twitter API.


Now you have an information about the OAuth and aAccess token for your application. You will need provide the information for your installed WordPress plugin or themes. Please note that the application will fail when accessing the Twitter API bacuse of unappropriated application access level. You should set the application access level to your needs in the application page.

5 comments on “Creating Twitter Application OAuth And Access Token For Your WordPress Plugins And Themes

  1. I’ve installed the plugin activated it and added the twitter OAuth credentials. Now what?

    Maybe my newness to WordPress plugins, but I find no documentation on how to actually present feeds. In particular, we want to embed a feed in a theme template. For the old API 1.0 plugin, we used to use something like this to output tweets.

    How would we go about embedding jettweet in a template?

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