10+ Essential WordPress User Role Plugins

By default WordPress provides subscriber, contributor, author, editor, administrator role. These roles grant same or different access for some site features such as creating new post, uploading media, deleting post, managing post, managing option etc. For site that enable the registration feature, a new registered user will be assigned to subscriber role which only have read capability. A site administrator can change their roles to other role. Here are the list of the best WordPress roles plugins, for creating roles, deleting, change or add roles capability.

User Role Editor

This plugin can change user role (except administrator) capabilities easy, with a few clicks. Just turn on check boxes of capabilities you wish to add to the selected role. Add new roles and customize its capabilities according to your needs, from scratch of as a copy of other existing role. Unnecessary self-made role can be deleted if there are no users whom such role is assigned. Role assigned every new created user by default may be changed too. Capabilities could be assigned on per user basis. Multiple roles could be assigned to user simultaneously. We can add new capabilities and remove unnecessary capabilities which could be left from uninstalled plugins. Multi-site support is provided.

Role Scoper

Role Scoper is a comprehensive access control solution, giving you CMS-like control of reading and editing permissions. Assign restrictions and roles to specific pages, posts or categories. Users of any level can be elevated to read or edit content of your choice. Restricted content can be withheld from users lacking a content-specific role, regardless of their WP role. Role restrictions and assignments are reflected in every aspect of the WordPress interface, from front end content and navigation to administrative post and comment totals. Although this plugin provides extreme flexibility and powerful bulk administration forms, basic usage is just a set of user check-boxes in the post/page editing screen.

Capability Manager Enhanced

This plugin provides a simple way to manage WordPress role definitions (subscriber, editor, etc.). View or change the capabilities of any role, add new roles, copy existing roles into new ones, and add new capabilities to existing roles. Now supports capability negation and role networking. This plugin give us abilities to create and manage role capabilities, supports negation (set any capability to granted, not granted, or blocked), copy any role all network sites, mark any role for auto-copy to future network sites, backup and restore Roles and Capabilities to revert your last changes, revert roles and capabilities to WordPress defaults.


Members is a plugin that extends your control over your blog. It’s a user, role, and content management plugin that was created to make WordPress a more powerful CMS. The foundation of the plugin is its extensive role and capability management system. This is the backbone of all the current features and planned future features. Allows you to edit, create, and delete roles as well as capabilities for these roles. Gives you control over which users (by role) have access to post content. Shortcodes to control who has access to content. A login form widget and users widget to show in your theme’s sidebars. You can make your site and its feed completely private if you want.

Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager is very powerful and flexible Access Control tool for your WordPress website. It supports Single WordPress installation and Multisite setup. We can use this plugin to manage capabilities (create, delete), manage user roles (create, edit, delete) and manage access to your posts, pages or even custom post types.

Capability Manager

This plugin provides a simple way to manage role capabilities. Using it, you will be able to change the capabilities of any role, add new roles, copy existing roles into new ones, and add new capabilities to existing roles. You can also delegate capabilities management to other users. In this case, some restrictions apply to this users, as them can only set/unset the capabilities they have. With the Backup/Restore tool, you can save your Roles and Capabilities before making changes and revert them if something goes wrong.

Multisite User Management

You no longer need to manually add new users to each of your sites. With this plugin, users are assigned a default role for each of your sites. You set the default role for each site and this plugin applies it. You can assign different roles for each site or keep a site private by assigning no role.

User Management Tools

With the current WordPress administration area, the only way to add existing users to a certain blog is by entering their usernames, one by one. It’s very time consuming. With this plugin, you can do it in bulk, by using the familiar role dropdown. We can select the user from multi site network and set their role.

User Hierarchy

With the User Hierarchy plugin, you can control which user roles can edit which other user roles. For example, you can add a new user role called “Manager” that can view all users, but only create and edit users with the “Author” user role. This plugin gives you full control over your user management, even when you are using a complex role hierarchy.

Role Memberlist premium

This plugin gives you total control over the output of your user lists with role selection. Comes with highly-customizable shortcode and widget control panels. Including and excluding users easily with the multiselect options and ordering it by the given query. There is an additional field for each widget to style and add scripts.

Total Users Pro premium

You can use this plugin to display the total number of your site users or total authors, editors, administrators, subscribers, social followers or likes. You can display the total users in seconds. This plugin comes with shortcode generator, widget supports many instances, and custom PHP function with lots of arguments for your templates. It also comes with the short inline help or instruction for each option, so you can easily understand and manage the option only in single click.

Advanced WordPress Roles Manager premium

This plugin give us abilities to manage existing roles, add new roles, copy an existing role and remove roles. It restricts removal of default roles e.g. administrator, author, contributor, subscriber etc. This plugin can be used to add new and remove capabilities.

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    if you want to add user role. at first you need to know what will be best wordpress membership plugin . I want to add something, and recently I just released the membership plugin in the wordpress repository who is called “rs-members”. Before developing I just studied existence all membership wordpress plugin.I got many problems from the those.As a result; I just tried to include many useful features.Without programming skill any guys can easily maintain this plugin. I hoped this plugin will be helpful fill up your all demand. .Guys you can visit my “rs-members” from wordpress repository.


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  2. Please which of this plugin can i use, i have a page ‘account’ that i edit all the time for login users.
    But now i need, when the use login and click on the same ‘account page’ he should see only content made for the person only.

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