Get And Display The Total Registered Users With WordPress Roles

As a site owner with a big number of registered users and have some additional roles, perhaps you want to display the total registered users for each roles. WordPress have provided a function count_users and a global variable $wp_roles for information of each roles to make it simple. The count_users returns an array data with total users for each role and the total of all registered users.

This PHP function:

$count = count_users();

will provide results the total users for each role with the roles index, not the roles name.

Array (
    [total_users] => 7
    [avail_roles] => Array (
        [administrator] => 1
        [author] => 1
        [subscriber] => 5

By using the WP Roles global variable:

global $wp_roles;
$role_names = $wp_roles->role_names;

will returns the roles name for further use:

    [administrator] => Administrator
    [editor] => Editor
    [author] => Author
    [contributor] => Contributor
    [subscriber] => Subscriber

In this case we want to display the total users with the role name, not the role index. Adding zero for empty role users.

foreach ( $role_names as $role => $name ) {
    $total = isset($count['avail_roles'][$role]) ? $count['avail_roles'][$role] : 0;
    echo $role_names[$role] . ': ' . $total . '
'; }

The above code will results:

Administrator: 1
Editor: 0
Author: 1
Contributor: 0
Subscriber: 5		

That’s it. That’s how to display the total users for each role in your template file. If you want a premium WordPress plugin for displaying the total registered users, the total social followers, subscribers or likes, we have provided the Total Users Pro.

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