Mobile Browser Detector Using PHP

Detect Mobile Browsers

Detect Mobile Browsers is an open source mobile phone detection. This script was written to quickly detect nearly all major devices detected by WURFL. Download a list of supported devices and useragents. This script supports tablets such as Android tablets, iPads, Kindle Fires and PlayBooks by adding |android|ipad|playbook|silk to the first regex.

Wireless Universal Resource FiLe

Over 10 years of device detection. Powering the mobile web with standalone and cloud solutions. Make sure you have PHP 5.1.0 or greater installed. The PHP API is used in production on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers in Apache, lighttpd, NGINX with FastCGI, IIS and HipHop for PHP, although it should run in any environment that supports PHP 5.1.

Handset Detection – hdapi

Handset Detection is a web service that lets you Detect Mobile Browsers. Use this APi Kit to detect mobile phones and portable devices in your website or any other software where knowing the properties of a mobile device is important. It also does geolocation. This API Kit requires an account at Handset Detection You’ll need a signup email address & a secret (from your my profile page). Supports v3/v3.2 of the Handset Detection schema. Supports operating in stand alone or web service modes. Can query through a proxy server. Smart load balancing. Detection for exact mobile operating systems (platforms) and mobile browsers.


A dead simple way for web site publishers to detect visitors on mobile web sites! MobileESP is free, open source and lightweight. MobileESP has a simple API for detecting mobile devices. The API returns the simple Boolean result of TRUE if the device is the specified type, or FALSE if it isn’t. For example, want to know if your visitor is on an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device? Simply use the method DetectTierIphone().

Mobile Detect

The lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets). Mobile Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices. It uses the user-agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment.

Detect Mobile Browsers – Mobile User Agent Detection

Detect mobile browser and mobile user agents with a simple yet powerfull PHP function. This small yet highly effective PHP script detects mobile phone browsers on your website so you can redirect them to your mobile website or show them a different template. A quick, easy to use, solid and dependable PHP function to detect mobile browsers like iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones, BlackBerry’s and Palm devices which visit your website. From old legacy devices through to today’s hottest smartphones, they’re all detected.

Lightweight Device-Detection

This PHP code implements a mobile device detection algorithm that works for a good percentage of mobile browsers out there. This code is the work of Andy Moore. The algorithm used is fairly lightweight—the code is mostly based on a list of about 90 well-known mobile browser User-Agent string snippets, with a couple of special cases for Opera Mini, the W3C Default Delivery Context and some other Windows browsers. The code also looks to see if the browser advertises WAP capabilities as a hint.

PHP Mobile Phone Detection premium

With this class you can easely detect mobile devices. This class is very easy to use and support lots of mobile devices, even the new Mac iPad. Supports Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Opera Mini, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, generic devices like PSP, PDA, wap phones and many more.

Mobile Device Detection premium

PHP Mobile Device Detection is a script designed to provide an advanced yet simplistic level of device detection and forwarding to any website. The PHP Mobile Device Detection script was designed to allow users to easily detect any number of devices, provide customizations for the devices, or forward them according to their needs, and this is all done with one file.

Mobile Sniffer Pro premium

Mobile Sniffer Pro is a mobile detection & redirection tool kit to provide complete solutions for mobile device detection and redirection with granular control. Mobile Sniffer not just detects the Mobile devices, but also help you redirect the webpages in 3 different modes. You don’t have to break you head figuring out when & what to redirect where, just show the MobileSniffer your mobile and desktop sites and you are set to go.

MobRedirect premium

MobRedirect is a mobile detection & redirection tool kit to provide complete solutions for mobile device detection and redirection. MobRedirect supports all types mobile devices. MobRedirect is helpful to detect and redirect mobile users to mobile site. MobRedirect is a .htaccess script. It is very powerful and Robust script than any other php detection and redirection script. Sometimes in some cases PHP detection and redirection script won’t detect mobile device, but this is not happened in .htaccess script.

PHP Mobile Device Detect premium

PHP Mobile Device Detection / Redirect is a powerful PHP class that can detect most of popular internet enabled mobile devices. It is super easy to customize it to fit in any code. You can redirect users to mobile content with just 2 lines of code.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Detection premium

With PHP Mobile Phone & Tablet Detection Script (PHP Script) you can easely detect mobile devices, tablets and computers. It is super-easy to use and supports the most popular mobile platforms (Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc) and tablets. You choose how to manage your mobile visitors, they can be redirected to a page built for mobile devices or you can use it to decide which markup language and stylesheet to show that user.

One comment on “Mobile Browser Detector Using PHP

  1. Great and helpful tutorial. Thanks for sharing this. I am using this function to detect mobile device for my website.

    function mobile(){
    if(stristr($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’],’windows’)&&!stristr($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’],’windows ce’)){
    return false;
    if(eregi(‘up.browser||windows ce|iemobile|mini|mmp|symbian|midp|wap|phone|pocket|mobile|pda|psp’,$_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’])){
    return true;
    return true;
    return true;
    $a=array(‘acs-‘,’alav’,’alca’,’amoi’,’audi’,’aste’,’avan’,’benq’,’bird’,’blac’,’blaz’,’brew’,’cell’,’cldc’,’cmd-‘,’dang’,’doco’,’eric’,’hipt’,’inno’,’ipaq’,’java’,’jigs’,’kddi’,’keji’,’leno’,’lg-c’,’lg-d’,’lg-g’,’lge-‘,’maui’,’maxo’,’midp’,’mits’,’mmef’,’mobi’,’mot-‘,’moto’,’mwbp’,’nec-‘,’newt’,’noki’,’opwv’,’palm’,’pana’,’pant’,’pdxg’,’phil’,’play’,’pluc’,’port’,’prox’,’qtek’,’qwap’,’sage’,’sams’,’sany’,’sch-‘,’sec-‘,’send’,’seri’,’sgh-‘,’shar’,’sie-‘,’siem’,’smal’,’smar’,’sony’,’sph-‘,’symb’,’t-mo’,’teli’,’tim-‘,’tosh’,’tsm-‘,’upg1′,’upsi’,’vk-v’,’voda’,’w3c ‘,’wap-‘,’wapa’,’wapi’,’wapp’,’wapr’,’webc’,’winw’,’winw’,’xda’,’xda-‘);
    return true;

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