5 Lightweight jQuery Image Fader Plugins

We can create a simple jQuery script only a few lines for fading in and out images. This could be a simple thing to create for people who has many experiences in jQuery programing. But if we don’t have much time or we don’t know how to do it then you came to the right place. Below is the list of lightweight jQuery plugins that do fade in and out, some with no bullets and no right or left arrow. Just faded in and out right?

jQuery Selects Elements by Attribute Selector

[toc]We can add an identifier to a element using attributes. Some older browsers did not support attribute for the purpose of styling documents, but with jQuery we can employ them regardless of the browser being used. When using jQuery attribute selectors, we should account for attributes that have multiple, space-separated values. Since these selectors see attribute values as a single string, this selector, for example, $(“a[role=’myrole’]”), will select <a href=”#” role=”myrole”>some text</a> but not <a href=”#” role=”myrole foe”>Some text</a>.